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Chemical Hazard Awareness Training

This training has been developed by chemists and chemical industry personnel; it offers a comprehensive understanding of the hazards and risks associated with chemical substances and can be used either as an introduction to the topic or as a refresher for those who may have some familiarity.
To understand more about the chemical substances you work with, taught in language you can relate to:
Hazards, properties, effects and behaviour.
How to interpret and use the information sources available (e.g. safety data sheets)?
Conduct daily safety, performance and maintenance inspections to reduce maintenance cost.

Basic chemistry for non-chemists. A simple overview of chemistry, building up an idea of types of chemicals, looking at the naming of chemicals and a few simple reactions.
Hazard Identification. The ability to recognise information that you have, for example placards, labels or Safety Data Sheets (SDS) and how to interpret this data.
Properties and Behaviour. How chemicals may behave in different circumstances when released from their containers.
Chemical Effects and First Aid. How you can be exposed to substances, the effects they may have on you and some simple steps to take if you come into contact with them.
Personal Protective Equipment. A quick look at types of protective clothing you may have to consider and a reminder that the white laboratory coat is not a universal protector.
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