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Confined Space Basic

This 3-part course will educate you on confined spaces, the identification and control of hazards that can be encountered, and key steps to working safely.
Part 1: Hazard Awareness covers how to recognize confined spaces and the types of hazards that may be present.
Part 2: Hazard Control covers how to control the hazards.
Part 3: Working Safely covers proper ways to enter and work in a space as well as emergency planning.

Although the course covers the basics of most legal requirements, there may be some variation between jurisdictions. Links are provided, wherever possible, to documents that cover legal requirements for some jurisdictions. "Confined Spaces: The Basics" is equivalent to the general theory and information provided by a classroom course, however it does not provide the "hands on", workplace-specific training that allows workers to confidently put the theory learned into actual practice in the workplace.
Employers must ensure that this additional workplace-specific training is provided for confined space workers.

Topics include:

Responsibilities of Employers, Supervisors, Workers and Contractors
Recognizing a Confined Space
Hazard Awareness in Confined Spaces
Confined Space Permit Systems
Preparing for Confined Space Entry and Work
Working Safely in Confined Spaces
Emergency Planning for Confined Spaces

Upon completion of the course you will know how to:

Know your duties and responsibilities in performing confined space work
Recognize the characteristics that define a permit-required confined space
Understand the types of confined space hazards and why they are potentially harmful
Know the types of control measures used to ensure a space is safe before and during entry
Be able to conduct a proper pre-entry assessment and preparation of the confined space
Understand the necessary procedures for working inside a confined space
Know what to do in the event of a problem or emergency situation

Workers (including outside contractors) who enter and perform work in confined spaces in the workplace. None
Managers, supervisors, health and safety committee members. None
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