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Contract Health and Safety

Employing contractors to work for you is a common practice today, but are you clear on your responsibilities regarding their health and safety? Owners, employers and contractors, involved in a contract have responsibilities to ensure that the work is done safely and according to the health and safety legislation in their jurisdiction. This course is a basic overview of health and safety issues in contract work. It provides a framework in which owners, employers, and contractors can fulfil their responsibilities and get the work done safely. Although legislation may differ from one jurisdiction to another, the principles introduced in this course can help establish due diligence.

Topics include:

Definitions & Legal Requirements
Pre Contract Activities
Confined Space Permit Systems
Awarding a Contract
Contract Management & Compliance
Contract Evaluation

Upon completion of the course you will know how to:

Identify the legal responsibilities of key participants in a contract
Know what health and safety information should be included in a contract
Understand the requirements for effective contract management and compliance with workplace health and safety responsibilities
Evaluate the effectiveness of a contract agreement

TARGET AUDIENCE Owners and employers.
Contractors. None
Managers and supervisors. None
Joint Health & Safety Committee members involved in contract development, or in developing a contract health and safety program. None
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