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Electrical Hazards

This course is an introduction to electrical safety in the workplace. The learner is provided with a basic overview of electrical hazards and safety issues commonly encountered in workplaces including construction, manufacturing, utilities, retail, agricultural and office environments.

The course describes the basics of electricity; how to recognize electrical hazards and covers different types of preventive devices such as fuses and circuit breakers. Case studies and other examples are included to illustrate the concepts. Quizzes are provided throughout the course and an exam helps to measure and encourage learning.

Topics include:

Understanding electricity and electrical hazards.
Electrical injuries (effects on the body).
Hazardous electrical equipment and devices.
Electrical hazards in the workplace.
How to recognize hazardous situations.

Topics include:

Recognize the types of electrical hazards that exist in the workplace.
Identify common electrical injuries and why they occur.
Recognize that fuses, circuit breakers, and ground fault circuit interrupters can work to reduce the risk of hazardous conditions.
Understand that equipment or tools require preventive maintenance and act appropriately in resolving these issues.
Identify and understand the electrical hazards associated with power lines, extension cords, overused outlets and live parts.

Managers, supervisors, and workers who may encounter electrical hazards in the workplace but who are not formally qualified to work with electrical equipment.
Health and safety committee members.
Facilities managers.
Anyone who may need general awareness of electrical safety.
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