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Accident Investigation

An investigation is an "after the fact" response. It is a process that uncovers hazards or problems that can be eliminated so similar events will not happen in the future. This course is an introduction to accident investigation. It presents a practical approach to investigating workplace accidents by emphasizing how to find the root cause(s), conduct an investigation, and make effective recommendations to prevent similar occurrences from ever happening again.

Topics include:

What to investigate and why
Being prepared (policies/procedures, team, investigation kit)
What to do first (providing medical care, dealing with the immediate risk)
How to conduct an Investigation
Secure and evaluate the accident scene
Collect evidence and gather facts
Interview witnesses Analyze and find the "root cause"
Report and Follow Up

Upon completion of the course you will know how to:

Be prepared with a policy, team, and investigation kit .
Conduct a complete investigation, including how to assess the accident scene, collect evidence and interview witnesses .
Conduct an analysis and find the root causes .
Report and follow up.

Committee members, managers, supervisors and workers who may be involved in accident investigation. None
Facility managers, human resources managers, senior managers and others with responsibilities for conducting an investigations or implementing changes resulting from an investigation. None
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