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The purpose of lockout is to identify and prevent the accidental release of "hazardous energy" that can result in workplace injuries and deaths. This course provides a basic overview of Lockout, assisting the learner to recognize hazardous situations and to know when Lockout is required to control electrical or other energized hazards. The basics of Lockout procedures are provided including what, when and how to lock out energy sources.

Topics include:

What is hazardous energy? plus what is Lockout? .
Hazardous energy sources in the workplace.
Importance and purpose of Lockout.
How to implement Lockout.
Elements of hazardous energy control.

Upon completion, you'll be able to:

Recognize hazardous energy sources and the potential for workplace injuries.
Understand what Lockout is and how it controls hazardous energy.
Know when Lockout should be used and how it should be done.
Recognize that workplace programs and training are needed in workplaces.

Managers, supervisors and workers who may encounter or have to control hazardous energy sources in the workplace.
Also, facility managers, workplace committee members and others who may need general awareness of controlling hazardous energy will benefit from this awareness course.
CCOHS' Electrical Hazards e-Learning course is recommended but is not a requirement..
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