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Stress in Workplace

Numerous studies and surveys all have come to the same conclusion: stress in the workplace impacts workers and the organizations for which they work. Too much job stress harms health, safety and well-being. This course introduces participants to the complex issue of stress in the workplace, including what workplace stress is, its causes and negative impacts. Workers and managers alike will learn to identify signs of workplace stress, as well as measures to prevent, eliminate or reduce stress in the workplace. Particular emphasis is placed on the importance of organizational factors - including the ways in which work is organized. Strategies for employers and workers to manage personal stress will also be addressed. Note that this course does not address "critical stress", as may be experienced in response to a traumatic or catastrophic event.

Topics include:

Causes of workplace stress
Organizational factors vs. individual/personal factors
Impact on workers and organizations
Workplace stress as a health and safety hazard
Recognizing the signs of workplace stress
What employers can do
Managing stress
Tips to help prevent, eliminate and reduce workplace stress

Upon completion of the course you will know how to:

Describe stress within a workplace context
Explain why workplace stress is a health and safety hazard
List common causes of workplace stress
Recognize common signs of workplace stress
Describe how employers, managers and supervisors can prevent, eliminate or reduce workers workplace stress
Describe how workers can prevent, eliminate or reduce the effects of workplace stress
Access other sources of information about workplace stress

> This course is suitable for all levels of organizations, including managers, supervisors, and front-line workers. None
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