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PPE Basic

This course provides a practical introduction to the most common types of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) used to protect against common workplace hazards, such as chemicals, noise and mechanical injury. The basics of PPE are covered, including practical tips for safe use, PPE programs, limitations and legal responsibilities. This course does not cover specialized PPE - equipment used by emergency responders or to protect against biohazards.

Topics include:

Common PPE
Hazard control
PPE program
Responsibilities of workers, supervisors and employers
Basic information and safety tips for the most common types of PPE:
Head protection
- e.g. hard hatsFoot protection
- e.g. safety shoesEye/face protection
- e.g. safety glassesHearing protection
- e.g. ear plugs, muffsHand protection
- e.g. glovesRespiratory protectionHigh-visibility clothing

Upon completion of the course you will know how to:

The appropriate PPE for many workplace hazards
The basics of selection, fit, care, and use
The importance of regular inspection and maintenance of PPE
The limitations to PPE as a hazard control method
That there are legal requirements regarding PPE>

Workers, managers, and supervisors working in an industrial setting, on construction or demolition sites, and in the forestry and mining industries

Health and safety committee members in these sectors

Not for workers who use specialized PPE e.g. emergency responders (firefighters, hazmat teams) or workers dealing with biohazards
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